UI Spine Rehabilitation Team

Services offered by the UI Spine Rehabilitation Team

  • Detailed neurological and musculoskeletal assessment
  • Specialized physical therapy from professionals who practice only in spine care
  • Medications review
  • Image-guided interventional therapy, including nerve blocks and epidural injections
  • Psychotherapy—learning and practicing proven coping skills, relaxation and stress management with chronic pain

How to schedule an evaluation

Referrals are accepted from any source including medical providers, insurance carriers, patients, families and case managers. As a guideline, our patients are considered chronic after four months of pain that interferes with lifestyle. A physician willing to provide primary medical care is helpful during treatment at the UI Spine Center, and to resume patient care following discharge from our program

Call 319-356-1638 or 319-356-8400 for an evaluation or if you have questions.

What referral sources can expect

  • A professional and thorough consultation with detailed recommendations for treatment
  • A determination regarding appropriateness for the Spine Rehabilitation Program at the UI Spine Center
  • Timely communication to facilitate decisions about the next step in a care plan

Treatment goals for chronic back and neck pain patients

  • Help the patient assume responsibility for self care and management.
  • Clarify vocational goals & develop a plan.
  • Increase measurable and quantifiable strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Develop a specific plan of self directed care including stress and pain management.
  • For purposes:
    • workers' compensation (when appropriate)
    • impariments rating
    • MMI
    • permanent work restrictions
    • ongoing medical needs
    and will be addressed as needed by our medical team.

Determining appropriate candidates for the Spine Rehabilitation Program.

  • Patients with chronic pain who are not candidates for surgery
  • Patients who demonstrate a desire to improve their situation
  • Patients who are willing to actively participate in all areas of the Spine Rehabilitation Program
  • Patients willing to eliminate or significantly reduce use of prescription pain medication

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