UI Spine Surgery CareMaps

Spine Surgery

Surgical interventions for patients with spinal disorders are multifaceted and often technically challenging. UI Spine Center surgeons lead the way in the development and modification of options in order to address the needs of our patients.

While not all patients with spinal disorders require surgery, when surgery is necessary, we match the latest surgical techniques with leading-edge devices and state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to meet the patient's needs.

Surgery is one possible step in a patient's road to healing. Our surgeons match their diagnostic and technical skills in the operating room with a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that can only be found at a dedicated spine center. From the more "straightforward" disc herniation to complex issues such as spinal fracture, spinal tumors, and scoliosis, our surgical team works to address the individual and unique needs of our patients.

Our surgeons also participate in the investigation of next-generation surgical technologies that can benefit the lives of our patients.

Spine Surgery CareMaps

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Lumbar Fusion


Cervical Fusion


Laminectomy for Partial Discectomy


Laminectomy for Decompression of Spinal Stenosis


Pediatric Scoliosis Care Maps