Spine Rehabilitation

While some people may benefit from the latest technologies in spine surgery, much of the newest research in spine care focuses on long-established principles of non-surgical treatments for chronic spine pain using exercise and stress management.

In a study, spine surgeons in Europe treated one group of chronic spine pain patients with exercise and pain management and another group with spine surgery. They were surprised to find that patients treated with exercise and pain management skills had nearly the same improvement as those patients who underwent spine surgery. The patients who exercised also increased the density of their back muscles, which can also be helpful in resuming an active lifestyle.

The UI Spine Center's non-surgical approach teaches patients that by improving their muscle flexibility, strength, and endurance, and using coping skills and stress management skills, they can successfully reduce their pain without undergoing invasive surgery or taking excessive medications.

Since 1985, we have helped hundreds of patients to lead active lives following back injury or disease with minimal reliance on passive treatment modalities, prescription pain medications, or injections.