Screenings and Evaluations

Because spine pain has so many components, we use a interdisciplinary team approach to help patients help themselves. Our interdisciplinary team program provides the necessary skills, physical activities, and direction to effectively cope with pain. In addition to UI Spine Center physicians, the team includes:

  • Physical therapists who incorporate posture, flexibility, back and abdominal strengthening, and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Psychologists who instruct patients in coping skills and relaxation techniques
  • Social workers who are experienced in working with patients with chronic pain and knowledgeable about available community resources
  • Vocational counselors who help patients evaluate their vocational goals

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team evaluates and recommends treatment that focuses on your situation, taking into consideration the nature of your pain and how long you have had it.

Following the evaluation, the team makes recommendations for safe, active physical exercises, to begin using simple stress and pain management exercises, and to set short-and long-term goals. Each patient receives a complete report following the full-day evaluation.

Spine Physical Therapy Clinic

(For acute or recent pain)

If your spine or neck pain has existed for less than 12 weeks, your evaluation will be conducted by a licensed physical therapist experienced in spine care. The evaluation includes:

  • Neurological examination of reflexes, motor strength, and sensation
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Structural posture analysis
  • Other tests as needed
  • Education and activity-based instruction
  • Consultation with a physician and other UI Spine Center team members as needed

Spine Rehabilitation Evaluation

(For chronic or long-term pain)

If you have chronic spine pain that has lasted longer than six months, you will be evaluated by the UI Spine Rehabilitation team.

This full-day evaluation includes meetings with members of our interdisciplinary team to help decide if this program will work for you. The team will discuss your evaluation results, make recommendations, and send a report to you. One recommendation may be an invitation to participate in the Spine Rehabilitation Program.