Iowa Orthopaedics


University Hospital in 1913

Operating Theater

Operating theater in the University Hospital


The extension of Linn St. past the old University Hospital.
The edge of St. Mary's Church is visible on the left
hand side of the photo. Two orthopaedic patients are seen next to a brick pillar.


In 1917, stimulated by Steindler’s interest in the development of an orthopaedic
service for crippled children, the Iowa state legislature appropriated $150,000
for the construction of Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. This photograph shows
the hospital soon after it was completed in 1917.


This photo shows the boys’ ward porch during recreation hour at the
Children’s Hospital in 1921. Many of these children stayed for months
at the hospital while they were receiving treatment.


The Brace Shop was a critical part of Children’s Hospital.
This photograph shows PG Mott, one of the skilled orthotists,
constructing a brace for a child.


Another important component of the Children’s Hospital was the gymnasium
for helping children to develop balance and muscle strength as well as improve mobility


Hydrotherapy was used, particularly for patients with paralytic deformities due to polio, as shown in this photograph.


Steindler also brought surgical procedures from the University of Vienna including fusion or arthrodesis of joints in patients with paralyzed limbs. This shows an operation being performed in the Children’s Hospital to stabilize a flail shoulder by fusing the shoulder. Notice the operating room light.