Important Contributors


Dr. Ponseti’s tenure in the Department spans the development of the Department with Arthur Steindler, and the growth and transformation of orthopaedics into one of the largest and most diverse of the surgical specialties. This photograph shows Dr. Ponseti and Dr. Buckwalter in front of a portrait of Arthur Steindler.


Another important contributor to the development of the Department was Dr. Michael Bonfiglio. Dr. Bonfiglio was recruited to the Department by Dr. Ponseti. Among his other accomplishment’s, Dr. Bonfiglio was one of the founders of the discipline of orthopaedic oncology. He was an exacting clinician and a demanding teacher, who earned the affection and respect of residents and students.


Adrian Flatt also made important contributions to the Department. Dr. Flatt received his orthopaedic and surgical education in England and then moved to Iowa after World War II. During his time in Iowa Dr. Flatt helped establish the discipline of hand surgery within orthopaedics and was recognized for his contributions to the treatment of patients with rheumatoid disease of the hands and children with congential hand deformities. Dr. Flatt is pictured here in front of a collection of molds of children’s hands showing a wide range of congential and developmental deformities. Many of these deformities and their surgical treatment were first described by Dr. Flatt.