Name Title Service Specialty
Albright, John P. Professor Sports Medicine, WIRC
Anderson, Donald D. Associate Professor Research
Aschenbrenner, Eric W. Clinical Assistant Professor Hand and Upper Limb, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Prosthetics / Amputee, Shoulder, Spine, WIRC 
Bingham, Heather Clinical Assistant Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Spine
Bollier, Matthew Assistant Clinical Professor Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Buckwalter, Joseph A. Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine, Tumor / Aseptic Necrosis

Callaghan, John Professor Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction
Chen, Joseph Clinical Associate Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Spine, WIRC
Clark, Charles R. Professor Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction, Spine
Cooper, Reginald R. Professor Prosthetics / Amputee
Dietz, Fred R. Professor Pediatric Orthopaedics
El-Khoury, Georges Y. Professor Faculty
Femino, John Clinical Assistant Professor Foot & Ankle, WIRC
Found, Ernest M. Associate Professor Spine
Goetz, Jessica Assistant Professor
Grosland, Nicole M. Associate Professor Research
Hall, Mederic Assistant Clinical Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine

Hettrich, Carolyn Assistant Professor Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Igram, Cassim Associate Professor Spine
Johnston, Richard C. Clinical Professor Faculty
Karam, Matthew Assistant Clinical Professor Trauma
Kowalski, Heather Assistant Professor Pediatric Orthopaedics
Lawler, Ericka A. Assistant Professor Hand and Upper Limb
Marsh, J. Lawrence Professor and Head of Orthopaedic Surgery Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction, Trauma
Martin, James A. Assistant Professor Research
Miller, Benjamin Assistant Professor Tumor
Morcuende, Jose Professor Pediatric Orthopaedics, Tumor / Aseptic Necrosis
Nepola, James V. Professor Shoulder, Trauma, WIRC
Noiseux, Nicolas Assistant Professor Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction

Pedersen, Douglas Research Associate Professor Research
Phisitkul, Phinit Clinical Associate Professor
Foot & Ankle, WIRC
Weinstein, Stuart Professor Pediatric Orthopaedics, Scoliosis, Spine
Willenborg, Melissa Assistant Professor Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction
Willey, Michael Clinical Assistant Professor
Wolf, Brian Associate Professor Shoulder, Sports Medicine