Our scheduler will help you or the person who referred you to decide which type of appointment best meets your individual needs.:

Appointment with a UI Spine Center Physician

An evaluation by one our orthopedic spine surgeons or one of our physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians includes:

  • Neurological examination of reflexes, sensation, and muscle strength and flexibility
  • Evaluation of past examinations, X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests
  • New diagnostic tests, X-rays or MRIs if needed
  • Medications review & recommendations using medications with low potential for side affects or addiction
  • Discussion of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options

Appointment with a UI Spine Center Physical Therapist

Our licensed physical therapists are trained in the care of spine pain. An appointment with our therapist includes:

  • Neurological examination of reflexes, sensation and muscle strength and flexibility
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Structural posture analysis
  • Other tests as needed
  • Education and activity-based instruction

Our physical therapists work closely with our physicians to develop a plan to treat your back or neck pain. For most people with acute spine pain, this visit is enough to diagnose the problem, begin an exercise-based treatment program, and see results.

Appointment with the Spine Rehabilitation Team: Chronic Spine Pain

This full-day evaluation includes appointments with our UI Spine Center physician and our interdisciplinary spine rehabilitation team to help decide what approach will work for you. The team, based on input from you and our evaluation, will make recommendations. One recommendation may be an invitation to participate in our Spine Rehabilitation Program.