UI Spine Center

Our Mission

The mission of the UI Spine Center is to provide the full continuum of spine care to our patients. From the latest surgical interventions to research proven rehabilitation techniques, our team of physicians and medical practitioners strives to care for our patients whose lives have been affected by spine pain and dysfunction. Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of health professionals who evaluate, recommend, and provide treatment using a patient-centered focus.

The Academic Difference

The "academic difference" at the UI Spine Center encompasses an approach that educates patients about the latest medical and surgical advances, while also promoting proven, effective treatments for pain relief in relation to these new technologies.

Research and Education

The UI Spine Center has many ongoing orthopaedic research projects, including:

Some research focuses on biomechanical properties of spinal implants. Others focus on clinical questions such as the overall outcomes of spine surgery, exercise, and rehabilitation.


The UI Spine Center sponsors both the Iowa Spine Symposium and an annual Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference with medical specialists from across the country speaking on developments in the field of spine injury, pain, and rehabilitation.