Benefits to Employers

For most back and neck problems, the following combination will return a worker safely to the job:

  • a medical workup from a physician trained extensively in orthopedic spine problems
  • a detailed, understandable explanation of the medical diagnosis
  • an active, positive approach with short-term physical therapy

For a small group of spine patients, surgical intervention is an option.

The spine rehabilitation team approach for chronic back pain patients offers a one-day evaluation or a two-week spine rehabilitation program, depending on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the patient to commit to a very active program of rehabilitation. 

For employers we provide:

Current Medical Information Related to WC Injury: Diagnosis, specific recommendations for follow-up care, medication review & recommendations when appropriate, impairment rating, MMI, work restrictions, and ongoing medical needs.

Return to Work Plan - We provide physical therapy measures of patients physical activity. We review current job description (when appropriate). We provide specific/written work restrictions at end of 2 week spine rehabilitation program. We provide specific/written final work restrictions at 6 week return rehabilitation visit and address any workers' compensation measures, as appropriate when requested.

Results - Return to work rates are approximately 70 percent for chronic spine pain patients.

Comprehensive Final Reports - All communication in writing to the employers or their representatives is done immediately following rehabilitation.

Return Visits - at six weeks post spine rehabilitation program.