Arthur Steindler
1878 - 1959


Arthur Steindler was born in a small town in what is now the Czech Republic, but at that time was part of the Austria Hungarian Empire. When he was 5, Arthur and his Mother, Father and two sisters moved to Vienna. In 1902 Steindler graduated from the University of Vienna Medical School and chose to work in the Orthopaedic Clinic headed by Dr. Adolf Lorenz. Arthur Steindler’s father committed suicide in 1907, leaving Arthur as the source of support for his mother. Steindler recognized that his chances for advancement as a surgeon in Vienna were poor and for this reason, accepted a position at the Chicago Hospital for Crippled Children, at that time headed by the orthopaedist John Ridland. Steindler and his mother moved to Chicago in 1907 where they rented a small apartment in the Czech District. Steindler pierced ears and performed other minor procedures in their apartment to earn enough to support himself and his mother. Ridland was impressed with Steindler’s ability, energy, and skill. In 1910, when the Drake Medical School approached Ridland about the possibility of Ridland’s accepting a position as the Professor of Orthopaedics at Drake, Ridland recommended his promising junior colleague, Arthur Steindler. Steindler accepted the position as Professor of Orthopaedics at Drake in 1910 and moved to Des Moines.