Adolf Lorenz


One of Albert’s most promising pupils was Adolf Lorenz. Lorenz was eager to become a prominent surgeon and Albert appointed him as a lecturer in surgery. However, Lorenz developed severe eczema of his hands in response to carbolic acid and therefore could not operate in the presence of this antiseptic. He was encouraged by his mentor, Edward Albert, to try “dry surgery,” that is non-operative orthopaedics. For this reason, Lorenz founded the University Outpatient Department for Orthopaedic Surgery where he treated children with skeletal deformities using manipulation, bracing, and plaster dressings.


Lorenz is perhaps best known for his treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip through manipulation and what he called molding reduction, that is, stimulating remodeling of the shallow acetabulum. He was also interested in the treatment of clubfoot, scoliosis, tuberculosis, and paralytic deformities. This slide shows Lorenz applying his technique for treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip.